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Working For A Startup

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What do you expect when working for a startup?

Working for a startup is not a sweet love story. There’ll be stress, tons of work and even tears. If you mind them all, honestly don’t apply to a startup. 

Thanks to working for a startup before that I have what I need today to work in a better environment. I already tasted the bitterness of the frequent ups and downs of a startup, the lack of everything to carry out your ideas, of having no teammate as I was the only marketer in the company; so that’s why the current situation doesn’t, and can’t, beat me up.

Now I’m working at Bravebits, and I can proudly say this is one of the most popular IT companies here in Hanoi. I’m so glad I found this place and these awesome people to work with. I came to BB when I realized I need better work environment, a better boss, better training and new challenges to improve myself.

Honestly, I began my career at BB right when the company started switching to a new branch (from Joomla to WordPress) so you can call it a “startup”. And now the company has also been reaching out to SaaS and mobile app. All the fancy things I see before joining the company has been stripped off. My CEO himself “warned” us about a work-your-ass-out year at the new year party. I still remember his message “If you expect a calm sea to sail then the company doesn’t need you”. I think he’s right. Only hard work pays off. You can’t expect high salary and vacations if you don’t work like a bee.

The company is starting many new aspects, there are so many things to figure out, both the bosses and the employees like me. It’s always not easy for startup, that’s why you’d better mentally and physically prepare. Though it looks like “we’re stuck” (surprisingly many people think that), the only thing I think I should do now is to absolutely trust my boss and the way he’s sailing this ship. Then the things left to do is to finish my task as asked. There are no roses on the road for a startup, deal with it!

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