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Why Did You Quit That Job?

There are many reasons to quit a job – low salary, too much pressure, conflicts with senior member’s strategy, or simply “it sucks”.

I was once a quitter and I gave up because I had to do too many tasks at once – a multi-position employee. I gave up to find one company who allows me to do what I am really good at – content creator. 

Luckily with the 2nd company, till now, I am still doing what I want to do, and learn many things from it.

But I guess not many colleagues are the same. I saw many left the old and my current company because they have to do multiple tasks which are not related to their specialty. Like, a social media expert has to do tasks about creating new themes for a website. At first, people can be excited about the new challenge, but then, in long term, they’ll be worn-out and think they don’t fit in anymore when the company doesn’t need them for what they’re good at.

And – that’s not a unique case for any startup. Startups always have a mountain of tasks to complete while the human force is limited – that’s why one must be in charge of multiple tasks at once. But if the progress doesn’t show any go-up sign, they’ll be the first to realize they’re wasting time and wasting their knowledge. Then, they leave.


I guess the quote “when you think of quitting remember why you started” is not always the right answer. Or it is?

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