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What Makes A Good Doctor?

I don’t know how it is in another country, but in Vietnam, the health care system is totally monetized. It’s a mess and you can’t even trust your doctor. That’s so sad.

There are many things to talk about Vietnam hospital chains and the morality of doctors themselves. You got money, you’re saved, you can see the doctor, he will check your health with more gentle voice, etc. Although that’s not always the case.

I’m not that very healthy person so I visit hospital some times, enough to see how crappy the system is. And I am really afraid of going to the hospital. Not because I’m scared of the medicine or being hurt like children are usually scared of going to the dentist. I’m afraid of the broken common senses of the doctors and nurses. No, patients and their weakness aren’t their care. They care about how much money you have.

Like I said, not all are like that but the majority is rotten.

And I sometimes meet good people. True doctors, at least in comparison with those rotten ones.

So what makes a good doctor as far as I’ve observed?

Good doctors always start asking about your health problem gently, like a father, mother, sister, brother cares for his/her family member. And when they know what problem/disease you’re having, they don’t scare the shit out of you of how serious the problem is. No matter it’s just a small and easy to cure sickness or it’s a serious one,  they always explain it clearly and calm you down, show you the road to get rid of it or make it better. And through the whole time, you feel safe because you have them here.

Bad ones? Although you only have a normal cold, they’ll yell like it’s your last day to live on this planet and you better do this and that and force you to buy a mountain of unnecessary medicines just so they can get the commission with the drug dealer (sometimes you need to do detailed health check from head to heels although it’s just a normal cold). And no matter how light or serious disease you have, you feel depressed and really scared, no hope. Not to mention that your money will be totally ripped out of your wallet.

Positively thinking, there are still good doctors out there and I met some.

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