I started rethinking about writing online and having a true personal website at the beginning of 2017. It’s no longer just writing to speak out my mind, but I want to CREATE AN IMPACT with things I wrote for people around me – who want to build a better version of themselves, little by little, day by day.

The impact I mean here, it will be like the vibration of guitar strings playing a beautiful vibe into the heart of listeners. Yep, I want my writings to be like that.




Digital Marketing & Freelancer Life

Imagining lying on the sofa doing your job on an iMac with your hot coffee, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery yet? Is that the freelancer life in your dream? Let’s be honest, it’s not JUST that twinkle. There’re many things about being a freelancer – especially when you work in IT/Digital Marketing WHILE being a mom of a 2-years-old.



Slow Parenting To Be A Happy Mom

Happy Mom raises happy children. If you want to have happy children, you need to be able to be happy on your own. Slow parenting is what I am aiming to. Slow parenting helps you stress less over raising a child and be able to enjoy the gold time with them. And I think I got something to share with it.


Japan From Cloud Nine

Japan is forever my crush. I’ve been having fun reading manga, discovering Japanese culture as well as learning Japanese. If you have the same love for this magical land, shall we talk more about it? If not, feel free to ignore a random fangirling part in my blog and skip the Love for Japan posts 😀


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