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What You Want vs. What You Need

We all want many things. But actually, we need very few of them.

I bet you know this. But the temptation of things we want to have in our life is so great that most of the time we’re willing to fall into the trap.

Then when looking back, we’re broke.

That’s the situation which cannot be unseen. Spending too much on what we want to ease the thirst of “wanting to have them” is dumb. You’ll never earn enough to get what you want. And we often get lured by how much we want an item that we think we need it (but actually we don’t).

Smart people will focus on what they need and spend time/money on that. Smart people know they need to want less. It’s hard to say NO to things you want but sadly, you will have to say NO even more. It’s really a financial savior for us all.

By the way, my wallet is having his last words and surrounded by a pile of things which if without them I actually can be fine. That’s gonna be a very tragic funeral. R.I.P wallet!

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