That’s not how you “startup”
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That’s not how you “startup”

I think that my company now is so in love with the “startup idea”. And that’s how they get it wrong about “startup”. Warning: ranting and uncontrollable caps-lock.

They think “startup” is a group of people working together and build one product from scratch. So they founded a department called “product development” to make products.

At first, the team was free to develop any product they wanted to make. They produced game apps. They had games by games rolled out each month. Then the CEO changed his mind and they stopped producing game. People left. Except for an apprentice.

As the team had no one left now and that apprentice is the only one with the longest time working in the product department, they promoted him into “Head of the department” position after 6 months. Yes, getting promoted is that simple. Just work here long enough to the point there’s no one else left. Stories of this new “head of department” guy and how he spent 2 years “building” (not even developing) a product no one can use can be written into a novel.

Back to the story of the startup in here,

they think startup = failing and making mistakes.

Ok, I can’t be against that. But, mistakes like missing deadlines so often (then it becomes normal for missing deadlines) can’t be tolerated (*flipping table* why do you set deadline just to miss it?). They require employees to use a proper avatar (your face with no weird expression) in your Chatwork as a sign of being serious in doing business, but they let their people fuck up deadlines. With excuses.

They think it’s normal to have a bugging product. Sorry, minor bugs can’t be avoided in any software products. But even the main functions of the product can’t get in form and can’t run shit – that’s not a bug. That’s not even a product.

After 2 years of forming a proper product but failed to do so, the team moves on to the next one. There’s not a single action to look back the old one and see why it failed. They act like “fails” are the nature of a startup. Sorry guys, not that way…

They think startup = building your own product with a new idea.

Ok, you have to have an idea first to build your product. But the next step must be market research to verify and validate your product idea’s potential. In reality, this company IS literally building products by generating some ideas, adding some mediocre functions, adding a bunch of “assumptions” about the market needs, building the final product AND THEN ONLY THEN they do market research to FIND CUSTOMERS WHO ARE LIKELY TO USE THEIR PRODUCT (yes I’m so mad I have to caps-lock it).

A startup controlled by the superior who likes to change his mind, so in love with his idea without considering the true demands of the market. That’s not how you “startup”.

They think startup members need to multi-task

I agree. As a startup lacks budget and benefits to attract talents, joining a startup means that each member will have to do many tasks at once. Such as, a digital marketer should do the research, make a plan, run it, take charge of the social channels, email marketing… I mean, there are many tasks to do by one member, but the tasks need to be relevant.

You can’t force your digital marketer to STOP her digital marketing tasks and RECRUIT candidates for your product’s clients. She had to put her main tasks aside and filter hundreds of CVs in all kind of job titles, call each candidate to make a quick interview, then go back and forth to find the right candidate for client’s needs.

You can’t hire an IT Comtor and just let her fill data from a PDF format to a text document. You didn’t assign any translation task to her, which is what she’s hired for. She left shortly after a while and you blame her for not being dedicated enough (?). Plus, you can’t force your IT Comtor to make a digital marketing plan and execute that plan for an app just because she learned about Marketing at University. Oh my god. I’m not surprised why people keep leaving this place 🙂

To be honest, I feel pitiful for any product they would come up with in the future. Like, please change the way you work first before producing products with the mission to change the world 🙂

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