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    So I think I’m going to fall for winter. Although I am weak against the cold and I prefer summer heat, I think winter has its own charm too. I’m totally occupied by the sweet enchanting irresistible flowers perfume from the roses, especially the night-blooming jasmine and the mock lemon. If there is a reason to love winter, for me it will be both a deep black clear sky night with the stars AND the scent of the night blooming flowers.

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    Autumn’s Memories

    “Autumn’s the mellow time” – William Allingham  September comes. So does Autumn. It was a day with the cool breeze, honey-like sun beams dazzling our eyes but not irritating. The weather is nice like a gentleman. And Hanoi is the shy girl gently shivers in the cold of autumn knowing it has come. Among the 4 seasons, I love Autumn the most. Next one shall be Winter. I don’t know if it’s because I was born in the heart of Autumn itself. I always feel like Autumn understands the me inside better than any other seasons. There’s lonesome. There are fading away leaves. There’s the absolute peace of mind that Autumn…

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    Autumn – Scorpio Season

    Autumn, my favorite season is here. The air. The wind. The sunlight. The breeze with the scent of roasted green rice joined with lotus leaf. The beat of rice pounder early in the morning like it’s telling its life story to my ear when I’m half dreaming. The nostalgic feel that wakes the little girl in me who was running barefoot under the honey-like autumn’s light on the village’s dirt road covered in golden rice straws.

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    Summer Memories

    I always like summer, at some points. The early morning of summer is always soft and pleasant. Like there’s nothing can break the summer’s tranquility. The ever-blue color spills all over the sky’s skin. The clouds are purely white like cotton candy. The sky of autumn is quite similar but summer’s morning sky is just happier and brighter. When looking at it, it makes me think about my future dreams and in a way, pumps up the energy in me to get ready for new things. I always want to start something out of ordinary with this fresh mood which only summer’s morning can bring.