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    Little Things

    This is one of my favorite songs from Lily Alllen. It’s about dreaming of going back to a time when your relationship was happier. However, I feel connected with this song with a different meaning 🙂 I was just out of a pretty hard time to balance my love life with the responsibilities of motherhood. It’s not that I had to bear all the baby jobs by myself. But it still wrecked my nerves as well as my physical figure (I was exhausted but on the bright side, I lost my weight faster :D).

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    The Truth About Love

    I’ve been in love for a long time. I think it’s long enough not only to have dwelt in it romantically but also to see I need to bend my feelings at times not to be hurt. #1: Two is not always better than one Two is better than one, but sometimes you’d better off alone to solve your own problem. When you’re in love, you’ll have the tendency to depend on your partner and think you two should do everything together – you think that’s the sign of being in love. However, that’s not always the case. For certain things, you have to solve them on your own cuz…

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    These days the weather is great. It’s kinda rainy and easily gets people moody. I – a typically emotional girl (or shall I call me “a lady” since I’m married :D) – love sitting silently and watching it pouring down, listening to good music, thinking about the past, the present and the future. No matter what “tense” I think about, mostly all the time things happen in my head is love. I’m still in love.