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    The Truth About Love

    I’ve been in love for a long time. I think it’s long enough not only to have dwelt in it romantically but also to see I need to bend my feelings at times not to be hurt. #1: Two is not always better than one Two is better than one, but sometimes you’d better off alone to solve your own problem. When you’re in love, you’ll have the tendency to depend on your partner and think you two should do everything together – you think that’s the sign of being in love. However, that’s not always the case. For certain things, you have to solve them on your own cuz…

  • let it go
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    Let it go

    Holding grudges against others is really exhausting and unhappy. I learned this on a beautiful day. You know, I have some people I hate, really hate. I’m not that meanie who hates so many things or many people but I do have people I really don’t like. With some, even their presence annoys me so much. I’m so grumpy, eh? No, I am NOT. There are reasons why I hate them, but okay, chill out, I’m not gonna talk about these. I wanna talk about the lesson I learned during that time. Do you think hating someone is normal? I agree. They must do terrible things to you so you hate…

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    Happiness Is What You Can Actually MAKE

    Yesterday I hung out with my Mom. It’s been quite a long time. Lately, she has been lonely at home – literally – because my Dad usually goes out all day – except evening, the man is old now you know –  for his favorite job – motor taxi, my brother, and sister-in-law have their things to do too. My sister-in-law is pregnant so when she’s back from work she stays in her room even more now. So my Mom sits alone almost all day with her little retail store. I’m having a guilty feeling right now for not being able to visit her much often last week since I got some re-union meetings with…