Selling When You’re Still At ZERO Makes No Sense

When you’re nothing, don’t just sell yet.

Does it make any sense to be totally unrecognizable and throw your products right in the face of any people passing by?

They’ll see you like trash, untrustworthy and low class – that you’re selling yourself, not trying to help them solve their problem with your product.

You might ask: but if I don’t sell, then how can I make them remember me?

I had the same question, and got a very precious sharing from a guy in the industry: be the part of the community first. By being a member in it, you have to be real, to be supportive and for the community first. Become one of the influencers and with the reputation of each member standing for your brand, people will acknowledge what you’re about, the values you’re pursuing and what you’re selling.

Each brand always has one or two representative(s) behind it and speak for it.

Before selling, branding should be done neatly first.

That’s how the story goes. I’ll tell you later about how I get myself involved in the community in the next post.

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