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Book Review: “Sputnik Sweetheart” By Haruki Murakami

This is not the first time I read books by Haruki, but like always, after closing the book I can’t stop imagining and questioning myself the myths depicted in his stories.

There’s always a feeling that Haruki puts his characters behind a very thin curtain – enough to see but not enough to understand. The world by Haruki is also so strange – sometimes, weird – that I don’t understand fully the philosophy he wrote. That sure is an uneasy feeling after accompanying with the character from the first chapter to the end.

Always, the world inside Haruki’s character is not easy to understand. They’re the loneliest creature among us floating with uncertainty. But outside, they’re just normal people like us. Just their gray world inside is too dark to see. These people when got hit by love, they’ll let the strike last a lifetime.

I can relate to some points within this book. We all have “That world” inside our heart. But maybe not all people have a totally opposite personality inside like the character. They choose to wear a different personality to the outside world and hide away in a lonesome shell.

Honestly, I wasn’t totally captured by this book until reading a half of it. Haruki words are like usual – effortlessly yet so strongly draw us to his story. Always read Haruki’s books with your favorite warm drinks on a rainy day, sitting next to a see-thru window and enjoy everything.

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