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Knock your “Read later” list down

Long time no English 😀

So, we’re living in a busy world. Every day, the social media platforms we’re using shove right into our face an enormous load of information. I believe most of them are trash, which means, no good. Not to mention those evil click-baits. Yet, we found us click “Bookmark this page” or “Save link (video)” multiple times a day.

Eventually, our saved-to-read-later list becomes a never-read-lmao list. I am a victim of this problem too. Now, seriously, look at those not-yet-opened links. They’re staring at me, telling me I’m guilty of letting them grow old in the dust here. It feels like I’m an emperor in a feudal society who greedily keep so many beautiful wives in his palace but never look at their faces once. 

How many unopened things do you have?

Let’s see. The more apps/platforms you use, the more unopened links you have.

  • Youtube with Watch later videos
  • Facebook with Saved links
  • Safari/Chrome/Firefox… with Bookmarks
  • Evernote with “saved articles”, ideas
  • Feedly with millions of feeds (yes, feeds = unread articles)
  • Medium with saved articles
  • …the list goes on

I tried reviewing & arranging saved links but…

One beautiful day, I had some free time so I decided to tide up my saved list.

Do you know the first disadvantage of the saved-to-read-later link?

Over time, it can be deleted anytime (of course you’ll never be able to read it. Even worse, you don’t even remember what that poor deleted link is about – don’t trust me? Try open your Watch later videos on Youtube for reference).

So, saving links later to read is never a permanent solution to save our time. We’re always busy. If you don’t have time to read it within 24 hours, I believe that you’ll also don’t have time to read it tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or ever after that.

Secondly, it takes a ridiculous time to just arrange links you saved. You’ll get overwhelmed by the number of unopened links. You’ll once again leave them unopened even after arranging them links into categories or folders.

So, what to do now?

Trust me, I’ve read articles after articles about getting rid of unopened links or bookmarks. However, none of those tips really works. IF YOU DON’T ACTUALLY SPEND TIME READING.

I tried apps like Feedly, Evernote… to organize links but none of them works either.  IF YOU DON’T ACTUALLY SPEND TIME READING.

The root of the problem is: we are greedy & we underestimate. We think we have that much time while we do not. We think we need to read and save all those articles because they are valuable.

No, not really.

So, I decide to do this instead, so I don’t pile up my unopened links:

I set a specific time during the day to READ articles online.

I spend less time scrolling on good articles.

And I read articles I think they’re useful right through, no need to put them to a waiting list.

I take note of key message or lessons learned from those articles,  no need to put them to a waiting list (use Notes, Evernote or whatever note-taking tool you want to use).

That’s all. I don’t lose saved links due to being suddenly deleted. I don’t save links I’m not gonna read. And if there’s an article I can’t finish during the reading time due to interruption or anything, I’ll try to finish reading it within that day. No delay.

This method works for me.

Now I share mine so it might work for you too.

A digital marketer, blogger, freelancer, astrology fan, mommy of a lovely elephant and helpless Japan-lover. Or just call me Vivian. Hope you have a good time up above the cloud with me.

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