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Rain Happiness

A hard, cold rain doesn’t mean it’s time for sadness

Yesterday, when the sun was inch by inch laying down on his horizon bed, there was a rain sneaking in. The nice autumn weather – a little bit of cold, a little bit of sunlight and the light breeze – suddenly got interrupted by a really heavy rain.

As I had to go outside no matter what, I thought “this sucks” when staying in the house preparing to leave. But in contrast to what I thought as “suck”, I had fun in the rain – a lot of fun.

It was raining so hard that I was totally drenched right at the 1st minute stepping outside then riding my bike. The raindrops aren’t supposed to hurt, normally, but yesterday they were like bullets landing on my face. Surprisingly, I didn’t get annoyed by it. I actually took some sips of the rainwater flowing on my lips. Its refreshing taste has awoken my memories. It has been a lifetime long since the last time I actually let myself be the part in a hammering rain.

So, you can imagine – I was riding on the high road on my bike, at a not too fast but also not normally slow speed, in the soaking rain, yelling to myself “It’s so freaking cold aaaaaa” (yes, I bet others couldn’t hear it since the rain itself was too loud), and singing songs all the way home, with a “b*tch I’m fabulous face”.

There was a girl waiting at the bus stop happened to see that weird face of mine while I “technically” was yelling songs in the rain. Well, when our eyes met I smiled at her. She probably thought I’m crazy or so, but it’s just fine.

I felt like finding some dusty old memories at the back of my mind and the rain helped me wash them away.

Hey rain, thank you ^_^

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