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When I was surfing Facebook, this got into my eyes:

“Ở Châu Âu hay nói cách khác là phương Tây, họ rất kị những cụm từ như “nhất”, “số một” mà xuất hiện trong quảng cáo, vì nó như thể lừa gạt khách hàng khi tuyệt đối hóa một khía cạnh nào đó.”

Generally, it says that in Western countries, they seriously avoid using “the best” or “number one” in their ads. Because it’s considered cheating the customers to perfectionize the product.

I think it’s so true. I really rarely see big brands tell that they’re the best (even in fact they are!). And how funny those small businesses in Vietnam always stick to it when talking about their products. You’re not the best just by saying so!

I think we should not say “the best” anymore. Or even the “easiest”, “the most powerful”…because whoever gets that label marked onto our products anyway? It’s all claimed by ourselves. It’s pretty lame.

I think rather than that, we’d better tell the values we bring and make a story of how our things help people in their work.

That’s the right way.

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