Practicing grateful attitude to ourselves
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Practicing grateful attitude to ourselves

Are you the type of people who often take others’ words personally? I am. I know it’s a bad practice and self-degrading. My emotional brain just can’t stop doing that. However, now it has to change. Since I decided to practice “thinking for yourself” in all matters.

For example, in writing, I had been carrying the thought that “my writing sucks” for a long time since the big “humiliation” I got from my blog post long ago. When I look back, it’s not so serious. It was just a comment without constructive or helping intention. Yet I let my copywriter’s ego suffer from that.

Just previously, I’ve got a sincere appreciation from my client. “Your writing is very good”. He said to me when we were on a phone call discussing the topic I needed to write. At that moment I still thought it was just a “savoir vivre” praise. But he honestly meant that. In a meeting with the team later, he repeated that my writing is good. I didn’t attend the meeting so I just heard about it from my teammate. It was a big relief. And it made me think.

Did I value my ability fairly enough, to myself?

How long have I forgotten to be grateful for my own effort and try?

C’mon girl, you’re capable of anything you want to do. So stop acting like you’re not worth it. Instead of saying, “no it’s not a big deal” to anyone who gives you their appreciation, say “thank you, I’m happy that you like it”.

Our hard work deserves it.

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