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What I don’t like about Performance Review in companies

I know there are many Performance review systems out there used in different companies. In my eyes, companies need to keep their employee’s performance on track in order to ensure its economic growth so they use such review systems. At the same time, the Performance Review session (like the famous OPES, for example) is meant to help employees find their career goals on par with the company’s goals, to listen to employee’s feedback and to find ways for both sides to grow together.

But. Here’s the but. I’ve never met a company who uses performance review “to help” its employees. It’s just a judicial review.

The whole performance review is solely to ensure “what/how much did you contribute to our company” – just for the company’s benefits. Not to mention that some companies set unrealistic KPIs for employees just to prolong the time for a salary raise. Not to mention that even when the employees complete the KPIs, in their performance review, their promotion got rejected since “the KPIs were too easy for you”.

Thus, a performance review is just another uncomfortable task for the employees. It’s when the manager asks questions, the employee needs to come up with a bunch of reasonable reasons. Only after that will we have a “feedback” session when most employees don’t dare to speak out their mind. Instead, they just give a couple of white lies to ensure a safe escape from “performance review”.  Or maybe worse, it was all a lie even from the start when setting goals for this performance review.

You can’t keep people loyal to your company by ignoring their own needs for personal growth. 


Performance Review

The performance review should be different

There should be more to be added to the performance review. And I think the KPIs evaluation is just a small part of this session (sadly, companies value this part the most and act like it’s the main one).

First, the company really needs to shift its focus on employees in the performance review. If your company has such a slogan like “our success is your success” to the employees, be sure you really mean it. If not, you’re all fake. You won’t deserve great people working for your success.

Secondly, try to avoid forcing management into the performance review. If it’s for your employee, make sure you are the listener. Listen to their own work evaluation, their feedback to the projects they’ve done, their suggestion to have a better workplace. LISTEN. Then DO SOMETHING about it. Properly.

Lastly, the performance review needs more coaching (so obviously please hire a good leader). I hate leaders who think they are superior and their task is just to ask questions, finding the answers is the task of those inferior employees. That’s when you clearly show you only care about your company’s benefits.

If only there are more companies who actually ask “what do you want to do when you’re working here?” with a sincere guidance. From my latest experience with a performance review, it was just another troublesome documented task. With that mindset, although I know it’s beneficial for me to set KPIs, be prepared for a smooth performance review in the next 6 months, I don’t have any motivation to fill the goals and numbers in the KPI sheet anymore.

My last words

You can’t expect people to be your dedicated employees by treating them like randomly hired workers who can be easily replaced. Also don’t be a fool by saying “Our company only hire people who stay”. If you act like an asshole company first, then only dumbass stays.

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