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Yesterday, I went eating out with my little one. On the way home, I took a short-cut instead of the main way I usually go for, which is a little bit longer.

One side of the road is an abandoned and bushy land, the other side is what left of the spacious rice field. I guess maybe there’s no resident, this road has no electricity to light it up. It’s thick dark all the way. When I was small, this road was in between an immense rice field and my way to school. The infinite green space in my childhood now is just a memory. And look a little further, I will see the high buildings with Hostel and Restaurant signs.

My little one and I have a fun game whenever we’re on the way home in the night time when the darkness totally covers every corner. What do you think is the best thing to do when it’s dark? For me, it’s finding the sparkling dots on the sky. And I share the same thing with my little one. Luckily he seems to be more than excited playing this game with me. Somehow I feel it’s because children have eagerness in everything new to them.

After passing half of the road’s length, I looked up to the sky and got turned down seeing that there was a thin layer of cloud covering the sky skin (maybe it’s autumn so God needs a blanket?). Luckily when rolling my eyes to the left, on the Western sky, I saw a bright blue star shining like “hey. look at me, over here!”. I don’t know if it was Vega or not since the light from the high-class condominium blocked my view.

So, I stopped the bike. Turned it off. Around us was totally just darkness. In an instant, I smelt the scent of the field dirt mixing with decaying leaves. I heard the choir of the frogs and insects. Suddenly the time of 15, 20 years ago flew by in front of my eyes. Isn’t it funny that when the light came off you sensed everything better?

Then I patted his shoulder and said “Dear, where is the little star?”. As usual, he looked up to the sky and found nothing. I showed him to look to the left where that blue diamond shining in the Western sky. He burst into excitement and shouted “There!”

There was a stranger passing by when we were amusing ourselves. After a while of telling each other “There, there!”, I started the engine and continued our way home. Of course, with a “bye bye little star” before we left.

I think it might be so weird standing in the dark pointing here and there to the sky after all. But I don’t mind one bit. Even when people curiously look at us when we’re riding on our bike but both almost break our neck looking for the stars above.

Watching the night sky is always a pure joy. I just want to share with my little one such joy. That’s all.

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