My Journey To Content Marketer

I did not choose this career. It chose me.

At first, it was just a part-time job and it was a documentation translator position at a small IT startup. I got the job via one sister studying at English Faculty. She referred this job to me. I still remember the clumsy feeling for an English language student with no IT background translating the documentation from Vietnamese to English (mostly) and vice versa.

Mentioning about that time, I was so shy to ask for explanation and ended up researching Google crazily for words like “Joomla”, “module”, “extension”, “menu”… to get what they mean in website language.

I gradually got the job right. As time passes by, I became a multi-task employee as literally there was no one else: translator, live chat supporter, forum supporter, ticket supporter, kinda BSE or project negotiator, product documenter, salesman, blogger and later a marketer as the official position. Except coding, programming and photoshopping, I joined almost any task I could join. Wow, really, I sometimes didn’t know how to answer the question “What are you doing at your company?”

Those tasks helped me a lot in getting to know more about Joomla and its products, customer’s behaviors and nurtured me with much other useful knowledge. Plus, back then I had quite a lot free time to learn inbound marketing, content marketing, and SEO. Most of my takeaway summaries are from that time. Another advantage of being the only one marketer there was that I could apply freely anything I learned from the blogs and websites I follow.

I was allowed to try new things and test different methods/approaches. So, although I was still inexperienced in online marketing that time, I gained certain valuable lessons. And during that time, I loved writing slogans for products or marketing events as well as blogging most. Equally, I also realized I was not really good at planning and strategic things. But I have to mention that the CEO of a startup I worked for that time, more or less, was scared to take the risk and hesitated to invest more in employees as well as marketing. I guess that’s why although it founded nearly a decade ago, it is till just at startup level. Can’t make a break-through. It’s sad.

Well, this part is quite dark. I was gradually overloaded, stressed and after all realized that I would not be better with sticking around a small backward table like this. So I decided to quit.

Just right on time, I saw a shining new road inviting me. An online marketer recruitment from Bravebits – my current company.

I still remember in the interview, my boss asked me: “What do you want to do in our company?” I didn’t hesitate to say I love writing – everything related to that.

I was given the job!

And on the 1st working day, I was once again asked what I’d love to do in marketing department. I answered I would take blogging – And now I’m the copywriter/content marketer.

At first, though it’s the job I love, I struggled quite a lot to write good content. Mainly because I got to write every day. I never did that before. I felt like running out of words and using too many repeated words. Again, the solution is to read. Read and read. Read to learn about WordPress and how they write about it. No more Joomla (oh I miss Joomla).

I have to say, I’m a lucky person regarding occupation journey. I found my entire life job more easily than many others. And I am even luckier to love what I do, and then, make it the job I love. When I was a senior university student, I never thought of becoming a writer or a content marketer one day. Who knows what will happen, right?

Confession of a prospective good writer

I really want to improve my writing and copywriting skill. I see it now is not good enough. I still lack words and vocabulary to write about things I want to write. Plus, my English grammar is not that great too. I’m training myself a habit of writing every day. That helps me a lot in letting the words flow naturally. I learn it from here: Why you should write every day. Next, I’m aiming at learning new words and after that, grammatical thing.

I think I’m crazy, but I wanna try writing something long, like a…novel. I have many ideas in my head but putting them out neatly in words is a different story. Moooore than that, as a mangaholic, I wanna draw my own manga too. I’m crazy, really. Actually, I’ve been imaging several good manga stories in my head all the times, lolz.

That’s not all I ever want to learn. I’d love to learn more about marketing strategies too. Like tactics, social media, planning, risk estimating, etc. Of course, I guess I can’t be good at all these but I need these skills for my own startup.  I’ve just got an idea several days ago. My feet are tap-dancing by themselves for this.

A digital marketer, blogger, freelancer, astrology fan, mommy of a lovely elephant and helpless Japan-lover. Or just call me Vivian. Hope you have a good time up above the cloud with me.

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