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My definition of success

What is “success” to you?

I don’t have a clear definition of success. But I understand it’s a kind of accomplishment we strive to aim at. It’s easier for me to think about the kind of success I want to have in life by closing my eyes. I close my eyes and think of the future. In what scene can I see me smile? Who is in that scene with me? How’s the surrounding? I always close my eyes and paint a detailed picture of my most desired future like that. That’s literally how I picture my success.

All the time, when thinking about the best scenes I could ever dream of, it’s a picture of me with my child(ren). We are laughing together, with my darling at the corner of the room sitting on a chair and looking at us. It’s a living room with bookshelves, a cat and sunshine from the window.

That’s what success in the future looks like to me.

I think I’m like my mother. She always said we – her son and daughter – are the biggest success in her life. Her life is miserable and full of dog days I could never imagine if I could get over if I were my mom. Yet she still managed to achieve her best success: raising her children like who we are now. She always said that she doesn’t need us to take her to vacation or buy her expensive things. She just wants to live seeing us happy and healthy.

I want to achieve the same thing as she did. Like, I want to raise happy children. And I want to learn how to love myself then teach my children to know how to do that. I want them to be able to find the peace and happiness within themselves. That would be the lifetime success I could imagine.

So with that picture of success in mind, I select things I want to do in life. And those selective right things to do set me free from stress and worries. I fear less. I have more confidence in living my way. Because I know clearly what I want to have in life. Quitting my full-time job to find more time for my child(ren), for example.

Do you have a vision of your success? What would it be like? 

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