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Mindfulness Or Mindlessness?

If mindfulness is about being fully aware of your surrounding, then we need mindlessness too!

Isn’t it true that we overthink because we think?

I remember reading Buttobi Itto and there is a page when Itto teaches his friend how to regain his self-recognition.

“First, you have to let your head be empty” “No, not like that, you’re still having the thought of “I have to empty my head”

“Empty head shall be like this…” *punch his friend in the face*

“And then, shout this out: I am the one and only in this world”

Although it’s just some kind of joke from the mangaka, I deeply relate to that.

Because, many times, I let my soul wander without actually letting anything creep in my mind. I feel light, unburdened at free.

That’s not being mindfulness. It’s a mindless state. It’s when I want LESS, so I care LESS of things around me, to find the peace of mind.

That’s when mindlessness is good for you. Do you think the same?

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