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Happiness Is What You Can Actually MAKE

Yesterday I hung out with my Mom. It’s been quite a long time. Lately, she has been lonely at home – literally – because my Dad usually goes out all day – except evening, the man is old now you know –  for his favorite job – motor taxi, my brother, and sister-in-law have their things to do too. My sister-in-law is pregnant so when she’s back from work she stays in her room even more now. So my Mom sits alone almost all day with her little retail store. I’m having a guilty feeling right now for not being able to visit her much often last week since I got some re-union meetings with my ex-colleagues and my husband’s friends.

She has the habit of keeping every problem inside her head. She only shares them with me when us two are alone or she shares them with her sisters when they pay her a visit. So, I took the chance yesterday to hang out with my Mom so she could relax a little bit (luckily, from today it starts raining like crazy due to Rammasun storm). We visited some clothing shops and I bought her a dress (it’s cheap though, she won’t let me buy something expensive for her, especially regarding clothes). And then I treated her a cup of ice cream at New Zealand ice-scream. Above all, I saw her happy face. And I felt so happy too.

And it made me think. Happiness for me, for us sometimes is really something easy to make for each other.

Like, you take some minutes asking your parents “How are you today” when you’re back home from a full-time work or school.

Like, you take some time staying with your family after the meals, don’t just finish eating and go straight to your room, lock the door, surf internet til midnight when everyone already goes to sleep. I was like that and now I’m married, I regret not having more time with my parents when I had all the time in the world to stay with them longer each meal. I’m trying to avoid the same mistake with my parents-in-law now cuz I learned it.

Like, you put down your phone when talking with your beloveds. I am really an attention-seeker toward my husband. And many times he is, like, sticking with his phone even when talking with me and it really saddens me. Can I use excuse here since it’s his job anyway? ;(

Like, you minus some dates with your friends and take your parents somewhere to refresh instead. There’ll be time soon they can’t ride with you. Your friends still have much more time than them. Talk about getting older, our parents are the winners comparing to us young people.

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