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27th April was worth adding to one of my milestones since on that day I finished nearly 20 articles (more than 21,000 words) within over 20 days including time to research, eat, pray (j/k play), love and sleep :)) Almost went nut since I had to make these articles separated in ideas, word choices, expressions, topics etc. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the best of them all? =))

And before those 20 days was a period of a nightmare too – I had to finish a mountain of work before getting away from work with my maternity leave. Oh well you can take this as my lame excuse for not updating this blog daily ;(

I’ve spent the last 3 days for totally relaxing my body and mind – no knowledge digest, no books (but I do read mangas), no deep thoughts and learn to love myself more.

Cos I suddenly learned that I’ve been abandoned the “me” for a long time and how the other girls/women (:D) around my age treasure their “self”.

Starting from skin care! I’ve never had a slightest serious idea about how a healthy skin is a treasure to a woman. Luckily I have a light skin but it only looks good with other parts of my body except for the face. Due to the lack of sleep and high usage of the computer, the skin on my face has been terribly damaged. Even makeup can’t hide the truth.

So I surfed the internet to learn about basic skincare. The more I read, the better I realized bout the value of loving your skin. I always think that I live simply so I don’t care much about girly stuff like skincare or fashion – but that’s wrong. I do want to become prettier or stay younger, after all. And that needs some effort, not a lucky charm to have. I bought a combo of skincare from Cosrx with toner, ampule and blemish cream – all have Centella extracted. I also bought Innisfree mineral mist and sunblock milk tubes to protect my skin.

These cost me a quite amount of cash but I think it’s worth it. Just a few days using these stuff but I did feel different touching my skin, being more confident as well as loving myself more =))

I’ll think about using skin mask and other methods for skin later :))

The next thing I did to love “me” more is changing from hiding to showing new feeds of some people I don’t like on Facebook wall. They used to be ones with overly showing off side I couldn’t stand. I once mentioned in my previous post “Let it go” that when I don’t like someone, I ignore them and block them out of my life. However, to think about it again, I feel that it’s kinda like running from things “I fear” or “I hate”. Now I choose to face this uncomfortable feeling to see if I could reach the zen mode even with ones I don’t like :)) I just started doing so –> that’s why I still feel uncomfortable with some of these people, haha. However, this helps me loosen the harsh thoughts and less obsess with them (I have the bad habit of overthinking about things I like and hate). For those who like showing off on Facebook, I have a new perspective for them: they have things they’re proud of and happy with, they don’t hesitate on showing them off – there’s nothing about that. I used to think they boasted too much – but who can define how much is too much here?

These are some things I’ve done recently to brighten up my life (and skin!). Gotta love myself more and free the mind.

A digital marketer, blogger, freelancer, astrology fan, mommy of a lovely elephant and helpless Japan-lover. Or just call me Vivian. Hope you have a good time up above the cloud with me.

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