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Love Is All You Need

Well, it sounds unnecessarily romantic but honestly, it’s so darn true. You can do anything, with love. Just put a heart in it.

I’ve been seeing it with my own eyes – from the spouses as well as couples around me – coming in each other’s fate with a true love.

With just that, they hold each other’s hand and walk thru the time. It’s gone – the time when the wife is the one who is with a messed hair doing the house chores while her husband enjoys his after-work time with friends or lies on the couch waiting for dinner. It’s gone – the time when a boy says “I love you” to a girl, the girl feels “like” him since then, and after several dates, they get married just to realize later that they aren’t their best fit for each other.

You guys now come to love with a heart and a head – that’s a good thing. Fortunately, around me, almost all spouses and couples are happy with each other. And even more fortunately, I’m among those happy faces.

I used to get annoyed when seeing people show off the simplest things in the world (I wondered “Isn’t it so normal to be talked about?”) like how her boyfriend helps her wear a helmet, or how her husband helps her with house chores at home.

I thought that if you’re in love, it’s so obvious to care for each other like that. I used to think it’s a disease on social media where people make small things to something marvelous and boast about it.But then, I realize that yes because they’re in love, they show their love thru the little things in their life. There are sparkles of happiness in those things – and this happiness needs to be recognized by ones who receive it.

If your loved one does something for you, but you don’t show your appreciation or recognition, how can your love grow? Not everyone can acknowledge that they make you happy by doing this and that. So, you need to show appreciation, even with words – that’s why people talk about how loved and treasured they are by their partner.

I myself get so much care from my husband. Like, when I’m home late from work, tired, he will say leave the dishwashing to him, I can go upstair to rest. Or, when he goes out, he’ll ask if I want something to eat, he’ll buy. Or, at midnight when I wake up (sometimes just to go to the WC!), he’ll sit up and ask if I feel uneasy. There are so many little things he does for me because he loves me. At first, I usually say “Thank you” to him and he’ll say “It’s nothing, stupid” but recently I’ve forgotten those magic words.

Now I just remind it myself so I won’t forget that even love is unconditional, it’s necessary to show how happy you are and how great you treasure those little things your partner does for you.

Don’t forget that love is what you need to do such little things.

That’s it. Love is all you need.

Love, be loved and show it to her/him, show it to the world.

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