Self Growth

Live The Life You Want And Treasure It

The grass always looks greener on the other side.

Have you ever found yourself glancing at someone’s life and wishing to have the same life? Ever felt inferior to other people who have better things than yours?

Honestly, living for 25 years so far and I still (sadly, many times) waste my time thinking so low of myself – “I’m no good at XYZ at all. He/she is so great”. I also have stumbled on many inspirational quotes/saying about self-confidence to find one savior for my depressed personality at such times. However, those words just fly from one ear to the other and I am still no better.

Today, thanks to one small real story from the book I’ve been reading, I decided to take the Light Saber and kill the coward in me. The words here say: Comparing your life with others is meaningless. If you dare, compare you of today with you of yesterday. Have you become better than you yesterday? Yes? Good! Now you don’t need to look around or look at anybody to find your values.

Isn’t it a badass way to live one’s life?

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