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Live A Life Without Labels

All our life we live to earn a label. It comes under many names, like dream, recognition, a job position, etc. We live to become someone in this world and find the answer for the “Who am I?” inside.

Behind all that, is how you want people to see you. You want to be recognized for your effort, your hard work, and skills.

Well, having a distinctive label stuck onto yourself is okay. Like, a basketball player is called The little Giant for his amazing dunking skill except for the fact that he is not very tall. Or like Britney Spear — people remember her as the Princess of Pop.

But wrongly-set labels mess up our lives.


I believe the potential in each individual has no limit.

You can do everything in life as long as you want to. And by bonding to such certain fields, you miss the chance to discover a new side of yourself.

Of course, you need to do well at what you are good at. Becoming a jack of all trades is no good either.

What I mean here, is that you can do the things you love exceptionally good, try hard for it, but don’t forget that you have the power to do many other things too. Maybe later you realize “oh actually this is not really for me” but better, “I’m glad I tried to know it”.

I respect people who always try a new thing to improve themselves. Because it takes bravery to throw yourself into something you know you are not good at.

“You can be brown
You can be blue
You can be violet sky
You can be hurtful
You can be purple
You can be anything you like”
(Words borrowed from Mika — “ Grace Kelly”)

We create our label, but often, we’re taken by our own label.

We often get overlooked on our own label and act on that without truly looking inside the self inside us, behind that label.

It’s like when choosing a new job, you care about how much money it will bring or, aiming for a senior title without understanding clearly the skills needed.

This seems odd, but placing a label on yourself and acting on it just close your door to explore the endless possibility — the unknown land inside yourself.

But what about your dream? Your beliefs? Do you have to give them all up?

No, you don’t have to.

The magic words here are: Stay open.

You can have your own dream and fight, practice, live for it. But at the same time, let yourself open to expand and evolve.

Originally posted on my Medium.

A digital marketer, blogger, freelancer, astrology fan, mommy of a lovely elephant and helpless Japan-lover. Or just call me Vivian. Hope you have a good time up above the cloud with me.

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