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This is one of my favorite songs from Lily Alllen.

It’s about dreaming of going back to a time when your relationship was happier. However, I feel connected with this song with a different meaning 🙂

I was just out of a pretty hard time to balance my love life with the responsibilities of motherhood. It’s not that I had to bear all the baby jobs by myself. But it still wrecked my nerves as well as my physical figure (I was exhausted but on the bright side, I lost my weight faster :D).

No more beating around the bush. Marriage life kills the lovey dovey you have when you two are lovers. Well, that’s not always the case.

All the odds and ends in daily life can make you forget how much you are loved. With time, without notice, you become “selfish”. You take the small things he/she does for you for granted. If you don’t realize this soon, marriage will gradually become a cold hard rock stuck in your life. You will even come to question yourself about the choice you made.

So, when you’re husband and wife, take some time to look back and mediate your soul to the direction of love. When you’re lovers, love is easier to tell. But when you’re each other’s lifetime partner, love will transform. It still stays but hidden under different little things you give each other.


Each morning he wakes up and asks me what I want for breakfast. Then he prepares breakfast for me, waits till I finish then after that, he goes out to have his.

He often buys things I like to eat without me asking when he goes out. A piece of cake, my favorite fruits, ice cream, juice,…

He waits for me till I finish my work on my laptop so we can go to sleep together.

He kisses me good night.

He even doesn’t mind buying me “that thing” when I have my period.

He always carries the heaviest bags when we go shopping.

He still holds my hand when we go out.

How could I blame him for changing his love, that he doesn’t care for me anymore? Wasn’t it so obvious that he still cares for me so much? I have been receiving so much from him yet I am greedy for asking for more.

I’m happy I wake up from my own stupid thoughts. That’s why I just wanna write down here so when I lose my way I can find the path to be back into his arm:

Treasure the little things we do for each other. Every day. Don’t take even the smallest gesture for granted.

Bonus fact: you can’t change your partner. Instead, become a better version of yourself. Love is like a mirror. Change for the better, and you’ll see your partner will too. Want him to say he loves you more? Say you love him more. I am a living proof for that 😀

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