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Let it go

Holding grudges against others is really exhausting and unhappy.

I learned this on a beautiful day.

You know, I have some people I hate, really hate. I’m not that meanie who hates so many things or many people but I do have people I really don’t like. With some, even their presence annoys me so much. I’m so grumpy, eh?

No, I am NOT. There are reasons why I hate them, but okay, chill out, I’m not gonna talk about these. I wanna talk about the lesson I learned during that time.

Do you think hating someone is normal? I agree. They must do terrible things to you so you hate them. Nothing is wrong with that.

But, have you ever thought that when you hate someone, you’re suffered too?

If you’re like me, you’ll understand this. I used to hate a couple of people so much that I became a stalker. I was like wanting to know everything about them and sneer at them. I even mocked them indirectly on Facebook and thought they would be in great shame reading those lines.

But I was wrong. I was soon tired of getting around them. I was not even myself anymore. And I became a very ugly person who denied even the good sides of other people.

On a beautiful day, I decided: I must stop this. I’m not gonna get any better than the people I hate if I continue being such a hateful coward. At first, I couldn’t forgive and forget them immediately, of course. I blocked the hell out of them and after a short time, I realized that I totally forgot about them. My friends sometimes bring them up in our conversation but I can join them naturally, no more harsh words, haha.

Magic! My life became brighter and I became luckier. Was that because my mind was full of happiness instead of dark clouds that I felt I’m lucky?

Learn the magic word: Forgive. Or if you can’t forgive them, well, act like me, let them vanish from your life by ignoring them. See them as polluted air and you put a protecting mask on, you’ll be fine.

That’s not always the best way for you, I guess. Well, my final realization here: find a way to let it go, no matter what. You don’t deserve to be suffering from the ones you hate anymore. They hurt you in the past, that’s enough already. Don’t extend the prison time being locked with their negative influence.

Let it go. Let them go. Shush them out of your head. Live a healthy-hearted and cheerful life. You’ll sure go further without anyone as a burden to you.

A digital marketer, blogger, freelancer, astrology fan, mommy of a lovely elephant and helpless Japan-lover. Or just call me Vivian. Hope you have a good time up above the cloud with me.

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