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Job Interview: What Will You Say When Talking About Failures?

Recently I’ve assigned with recruitment for company’s Online Sales & Marketing (I announced my termination of my current position about 3 months ago – 2nd Dec 2013).

And yes, I learned many things from this recruitment (candidates’ CVs) & from the interviews.

I learned that keep saying you feel you’re not qualified enough for the job but you’re looking for a chance and promise to work hard does not convince the employers of your honesty or your will. That just reflects that you’re naive and somehow lose confidence in evaluating your own self.

I learned that a good CV needs to come with good and relevant answers for CV-based questions from the interviewers. From my own interview at my current new company – Bravebits – and from the interviews that I joined at my ex-company, impressive CVs are always verified in details during the face-to-face interview. So, if you’re chosen to go to live chat, you’d better prepare answers for every might-come CV-based question.

The most valuable thing I observed from the candidates is that an “amateur” answers questions, he/she tends to point out the disadvantages/not-good-yet sides and feel sorry for those things while a pro tends to talk about the bright side and how they learn from the imperfect or even better, how they see opportunity in hardship/things-they-haven’t-done-best. I’d love to work with people like them.

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