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It’s Ok To Have A Bad Day

It’s ok to feel tired

And it’s okay to let boredom visit you once in a while. After all, it’s life. But what matters is what you’re gonna do after that.

Recently I felt stressed getting home. At work, I go full charged, very energetic. I finish everything with all I have and it seems like I forgot to save some energy to cope with cooking, cleaning the house, pleasing my son whose stubbornness is on the way to level up as he is a growing toddler,… and I have no time to recharge. Even sleep doesn’t cure my tiresomeness anymore.

When things go down, it seems that you have more bad days.

Days like these I just don’t want to do anything. Rather, I would go “no brain” mode. If I need to do anything, I’ll do half-assedly. I’m not ashamed of admitting that. Because that’s how I really feel. Then the person in me shows up, sits silently next to me on a bench in a park where there are only me and myself. No one else. And it’ll be there till I feel up again.

I let myself know it was a bad day. That I was down. I’m not ok. As I give my own consciousness to it, it turns out that the problems will sooner or later go away. It sometimes bitters to have a bad day, bad mood, but after all, all the bad things will just pass.

Don’t hide away from negative feelings.

It’s all okay in the end.

Life hack: find Panda gif. to watch to save your bad day.

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