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Is “Try Your Best” A Good Advice?

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When you’re hanging so slow, and many of the advice will be: Hang on, try your best.

Sometimes I would thank them. Sometimes I just want to smash them in the face and go “I hit you with my best, how was that?”.

Just kidding. But “try your best” is a useless advice, for me, many times.

Because I tried as much as I could and still didn’t get the result I want.

“Try your best” will be a slap in my face saying what I did is not enough.

I would be thankful if that person can show me “what it is enough” to get what I want, not just “try”.

And I doubt that no one knows what their “best” is. Like, there is always a possibility of “the better”.

Seth Godin brought up a totally new perspective about “try one’s best”:

We only try our best under certain circumstances. Like, when I was at primary and elementary school, normally our Biology class is good enough for us. But when there were people from higher committee visiting our class, things would be better: the room was cleaner, a teacher would dress up more nicely (some even wore traditional clothes), we would behave better, and there would be more “visual stuff” for us to understand the lesson better.


We don’t try our best. Only the circumstances make us put more effort in trying.

When “try your best” is not a relevant advice, try redefining your circumstance and situation to find another way.

When you’re stuck, instead of trying your best, try changing the way you see the world.

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