How To Escape The Writer’s Block?

Inspiration is the fire to a wordsmith. Ideas can come out of the blue mostly thanks to inspiration. But inspiration is so random. They love to suddenly slash through our head when we’re in the middle of doing things. Like, when you’re riding on the road and BOOM *le* cool idea appears. You rush back home to write it down but just one little interruption and it’s gone like the smoke. Then, say hello to the writer’s block!

Once choosing to play with f̶i̶r̶e̶ words, sharpen your words in a marketing battle, you’ll be familiar with playing hide-and-seek with your inspiration. You’re just stuck. No words can come out. Neither your ideas.

So, how do you escape from the writer’s block?

To start your writing is hard. Losing inspiration in the middle is sometimes harder.

But surprisingly, the best way to cure the inspiration constipation syndrome is to CONTINUE WRITING. The more you get stuck, the more words you need to write down. You’ll see that it’s merely a job of putting words together. These words are so imperfect. But don’t stop picking up words from your head and writing them down. Don’t mind the awkward sentences you might have. Soon, you’ll find inspiration again flowing with the word stream pouring out of your mind. Then when you can finally stop writing, your writer’s block is no longer there.

When you’re at a loss for words, don’t just thinking about HOW to find your inspiration or idea again. Don’t measure your words. Just write to keep the fire alive. As long as it’s still there, you can make it burn.

[Actually, there are many ways to escape a writer’s block, like change what you’re doing, going out for a walk, changing your environment…but for me, the best way is still non-stop writing down whatever inside your head.]

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