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Happiness Secret: Be A Fool

My colleagues once asked me: Why do you always smile and do silly things?

Well, I answered: “Being silly like a fool is my happiness secret” with a big smile.

Do you remember the same thing the two possums in Ice Age said?

I am simple-minded in many aspects. I’m only deep in emotion but that doesn’t mean I’m always blocked with deep thoughts.

I always do silly funny things unconsciously (as a natural part of my behavior) and each time like that I realize I’m the happiest little girl on earth. I can be happy with my own self.

Recently I’ve taken notice of my motto – “nothing is impossible” – and I feel good about that too. Push myself a little more, try to reach wider and no matter what I get from it, I feel so great.

Somehow the fool inside me is leading the right way.

A digital marketer, blogger, freelancer, astrology fan, mommy of a lovely elephant and helpless Japan-lover. Or just call me Vivian. Hope you have a good time up above the cloud with me.

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