Don’t Create A Product Just Because Others Are Selling It Well

Facebook reminded me of a status I wrote “on this day” 2 years ago.

I asked my ex-boss and my team about what the special feature or recognition of a product they made is to write a marketing plan based on it. They said they don’t have a single idea.

I was shocked.

Even the creators of the product themselves didn’t know what is special in the product so customers would buy it. They just made it because they thought the type of product was popular. And they put a cheaper price in comparison with other products from other brands. So, the only advantage is a lower price, eh?

For a marketer to pull out a good marketing plan for a product, they need to – first – understand profoundly about that product and then, come to love it. They need to know how that product operates, what the highlight features are that should make the product worth buying.

If it’s a product with shitty quality and is made because other people are selling well with the same type of product, then any word to describe it in a marketing campaign is just a plain lie. Bad products coated with beautiful words will just hurt the brand. And marketing for it is a crime.

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