Copywriting is interesting
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Copywriting is interesting

I’m happy that what I love to do and what I’m good at are language related. I’m addicted to languages and the uses of it. And because of that, I love writing. And naturally, I love reading too. Most of the things I wrote is the outcome of what I read.

Working in copywriting lets me explore the power of words. It allows me to learn how to use words as a story, a weapon, a device… The more I read, the more interesting word uses I know. And to write right, I have to learn about observing things around me. The input for a writer is endless. I feel overwhelmed by the knowledge a copywriter needs to know in order to write.

Copywriting is sure a very challenging task. However, it brings me an immense knowledge of everything.

Do you know what I’ve learned when I write about things?

I learned about dogs.  Different dog breeds. How to actually raise a dog. How to teach them pot training. Why we shouldn’t keep them in the crate for too long. It turns out that Vietnamese people are raising dogs in a very wrong way – it may be because of our culture which treats dogs like a mean to keep the house from the thief.

I learned about perfume. How do you call it “perfume” or “cologne”. What’s inside a perfume bottle? What makes a perfume brand stand out? Why is that we need different perfumes in different seasons? How to know it’s a sweet or marine-like perfume? I’m not an expert in perfume yet – obviously. However writing about perfumes opened a new horizon of knowledge for me. I’m grateful for that. Plus, the copywriting for perfume brands is truly genius.

I learned about clothing and how to tell stories for a leather jacket. Yes, copywriting means telling stories. This one needs imagination and your experience to link things together and build a story around a jacket. I love this process to death. It’s when I can write so freely.

I also learned about blockchain or ICO. If it’s not my client’s request, I would never read about these things. But since I need to write about blockchain and ICO, I had to jump right into its sea of knowledge. I’m glad I did. Actually it’s quite interesting in spite of some mind-twisting definitions as well as processes.

I learned a lot about Japan too. Being able to write about my lifetime crush, what’s better than that?

….and countless of other helpful knowledge this copywriting job has brought me.

Thanks God I’m doing it. And now I’m starting to actually make a life-long living on it. God bless my job 😀

A digital marketer, blogger, freelancer, astrology fan, mommy of a lovely elephant and helpless Japan-lover. Or just call me Vivian. Hope you have a good time up above the cloud with me.

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