• 5 centimet per second
    Love for Japan

    “5 Centimeters Per Second” – The Bittersweet Of A Distant Love

    5 centimeters per second – Byosoku 5 centimeters by Makoto Shinkai My first impression for this heat-squeezing story is from the anime version. Before, when looking for some popular Japanese songs to save into my iPhone, I caught a jewel song “Sakura” performed by Ikimono Gakari and learned that the video is from this anime. Then I listened to the song as well as watched for the first time. Sometime after that, I looked for the manga but didn’t finish reading it due to being so absent-minded.

  • japan obsession
    Love for Japan


    I’m officially obsessed with Japanese. Before starting learning Japanese, I was more like thinking it would be useful to learn a 2nd foreign language. For my future job, of course. Back then I was really attracted by highly paid jobs from a Japanese company. I imagined someday I would be in a black suit, walk proudly across the corridor, work like a real professional in a Japanese office. So I enrolled an elementary Japanese course with my close friend Nyoko.