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Book Review: “The dip” by Seth Godin

Is it worth reading? YES. For a person who sometimes lets perfectionism unnecessary drive myself crazy and prefers doing all tasks on my own then gets stuck, this book brings a good answer to define what is important to purchase and what is not. There are dead-ends in life’s goals and work to give up. Instead, you should focus your effort on “The dip” – the points which lead you to success. 

This book shows us that “Never give up” or “winners never quit, quitters never win” are bad advice. Giving up on something is not shameful. Especially when you give up on something that is not gonna work for you, something that only leads you to a dead-end. You have to learn to give up on these things to invest your time as well as an effort to other challenges that bring long-term values. Winners are ones who give up the wrong thing at the right time. Winners do quit.

Furthermore, Seth gives us another valuable advice: once you start to do anything, aim to the 1st position. If you don’t think this as a goal, then you’re wasting your time. Being average and mediocre is only for losers.

At school, we’re taught to skip the hard questions and solve the easier ones first. This approach is an unhealthy approach to apply into problems in reality. Successful people are always good at solving hard questions that they don’t have the answers.

This little book also shows you different curve types to help you locate which one you’re at: a dip, a cliff or a dead-end. And the solution for each.

There’re many other things you’ll learn from the great mind Seth Godin here. So why not take your time and grab this book to read it?

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