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Being A Team Leader

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I think being the team leader is a really big ass challenge for anyone taking it.

Being in a company, for example, you’re a team leader. And you stand between the members of your team as well well your boss.

You’re like the ball kicking from the member side to the boss side and vice versa.

You have requirements from your boss, then you have to work on a plan and distribute tasks to your members.

If the boss expects something higher and better, you’d be prepared to deliver it to your team without making them feel under great pressure or losing their interest.

If the members have any problem, you have to guide them to a solution to ensure the output for your boss.

And if any of these 2 bipolar scales get pissed off, you’re screwed.

If the members don’t make it meet the boss’s expectation, you’re the one who bears the responsibility.

If the boss’s requirements are ‘impossible’ or ‘ridiculously high’ to your team members, you’re the one who has to change their mind and way of your teamwork.

Would you rather be a team leader or team member?

Hell, screw that! Be the boss :v

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