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Autumn’s Memories

“Autumn’s the mellow time” – William Allingham 

September comes. So does Autumn.

It was a day with the cool breeze, honey-like sun beams dazzling our eyes but not irritating. The weather is nice like a gentleman. And Hanoi is the shy girl gently shivers in the cold of autumn knowing it has come. Among the 4 seasons, I love Autumn the most. Next one shall be Winter. I don’t know if it’s because I was born in the heart of Autumn itself. I always feel like Autumn understands the me inside better than any other seasons. There’s lonesome. There are fading away leaves. There’s the absolute peace of mind that Autumn can bring me. I’m a Scorpio after all.

When it comes, Autumn always brings back the memories in me. No matter if I want it or not, I always find myself rummaging all the memory boxes in the back of my mind. The sadness, the happy moments, childish ones, stupid ones…All at once flows back like a flood. And this always puts a smile on my face knowing I’ve been treasuring every single piece of my memory.


When I was about 11-12 years old, I often fell asleep while watching TV in the living room. My parent always tried to wake me up to go upstairs where my room is and go to sleep. However, I also pretended to sleep soundly and not waking up. In the end, my father would pick me up to my room and my mother would caress me. I continued cheating occasionally until I was in 9th grade.

Back then, I also liked sleeping on mom’s laps. I still do that now but much less since “your head is heavy, baby” – like what my mom says. I would lie there and chat with her everything, even the silliest confession. It was just as warm as the hugs. It made me feel like converting back into a child to be able to live with her forever.


In my memories, whenever it rained at night, Dad would go out to the field to capture some frogs and made some delicious “frog kebab”. Sometimes it would be grass snakes (does this scare you?). Once he came out for a night catch, he would never return with empty hands. Plus Dad is a great chef of these kinds of dishes. Till now I remember how bad I was drooling over them.


September is also the beginning of a new school year. I had been receiving books from my aunt’s daughter since she is one year older than me. I always had textbooks for the next school year early when summer break began. The first book I would jump right into reading were literature books.

Before the new semester started, I would be overly eager to wrap the book covers with old newspaper or catalogs from the supermarket nearby. In those days, plastic covers weren’t so popular and we countryside pupils couldn’t afford to buy them. There was even hardly any glue so we usually used rice to patch things together.

What else to remember?

Mid-autumn festival. It’s always one of the best time for the children. I would join other children in the same area in a lantern parade. Our “lanterns” were recycled from used plastic laundry detergent with a candle stuck inside. The mooncakes back then were not in nice-designed covers like nowadays. They were all home-made selling by vendors. Beside lantern parade, we also had a candy-snatching game in the front yard of the temples. This would make us sweat all over but it was so much fun. There was not much electricity, not enough light so many times my foot landed on a “boom” (some animal sh**). It didn’t take much to make us kids happy.

There was a time dad brought me a Mongolian hat (it was popular that time because of a famous Chinese drama on TV, called “Hoan Chau Cach Cach”). I liked it so much that I wore it almost all day even it didn’t fit my head (my head is way too big and mom had to loosen it for me with an extra piece of cloth!). I even wore it and purposely ran over my crush so he would see how beautiful I was in this hat, hahaha.

Oh, my crush. There are so many silly moments I have here. He was like, Romeo but the kind of Romeo standing on his balcony. I would be the kind of Juliet that was standing on the ground looking up to his figure when I walked my dogs and went by his house lolz. He sometimes looked at me if he noticed me and smiled at me. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. There were even sick poems born from such moments =))



It might not an effect by autumn, right? As long as we live, we collect memories on the way. I’m glad that there are so many things that make me smile whenever I remember about them.

One beautiful autumn day. 


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