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Are You Lazy Or Just Uninterested?

Being lazy because you are a sloth by nature is a different approach from being lazy because you’re not interested in doing things. Being lazy and being uninterested is just the same answer for one problem. Only the approach is different. We need to identify the right approach to find the cure for our problem of “not doing anything”.

There are no lazy people. Only uninterested ones.

For example, when I was at high school, I was very lazy in doing Math homework. However, with English, I myself visited a bookstore to get more English exercise books to practice. With that, I think I was not a lazy student after all. I simply didn’t have the interest in Math.

The same goes with teaching children now. When talking about how to teach children new knowledge, the only question is how to make them interested in learning, not finding what to teach them.

So, the root for our laziness is the lack of inspiration/a certain interest.

If you have uninteresting things you don’t want to do, just ignore them.

But what if they are must-do and important for you? Then, the answer is to CREATE an interest/inspiration to start. For example, thinking about the reward after finishing these tasks, or funify them, or simply just go arranging your desk and you’ll feel more motivated.

Above all, this is when self-discipline sets in and does its job.

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