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A Little Of Happiness Each Day

My happiness today is simply the glowing red sun setting down on the horizon when I’m on my way to pick up my little sunshine.

The autumn sun always leaves earlier. And around one month from now, I guess I won’t be able to catch up with the sunset to say him Good night!

It seems that I love everything glowing on that sky above. Also, I especially love the “race with the Sun”. Here is a piece I wrote a very long time ago:

“I remember so dearly the way Tran Duy Hung St. and Lang St. looked like in winter. I used to call them “Sparkling Street” with an amazing “Race with the Sun”.

Because, in winter, the sun rises later than normal. So one time, by chance I figured it out that the sun only rose at the same the time I was on my way to school. And the newly rising sun didn’t shine too bright.

The magic happened just right at that time. It was when I was riding my bicycle on this lane and looked at all the billboards on the other lane, the sun reflection on them was so fabulous for the eyes. So sparkling, so beautiful!

But, the best scene was after I rushed cycling on the pedals to reach the end of Lang St, where there was a huge billboard on the other side of a Wedding Showroom. When I reached there fast enough, I would be amazed by the thousands of sparkle shooting out from the sun reflection on the billboard there. Like a diamond shining. It was so stunning that I even now can still remember the scene so well”.

I guess, there are so many little things in life stay the same, no matter how much time has gone by, right?

Thank you, Sun, for shining for me.


p/s: The picture captured the winter sunset in Dec 2011. As the dark was falling, I rode my motorbike through the highway to reach the other the side of the road, where the Sun was hanging not very far from the rice field. There were not so many farmers though except for a man jogging.

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