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Remember the time when I got my interview at Niteco, they asked me about how I define the jobs of a leader and what the difference between a leader and a manager is.

And I  myself wrote in my profile that I am a leader – Now I have to admit that I wrote that down without fully understanding about how a true leader should be.

And I have to say I’m a very lucky person because when I notice I lack something, God gives me the chance to have what I want (*look up the sky and shout* Hi God, thank you!).

One small note: if you’re my team leader and reading these lines, brace yourself, the following is heavily about you and my admiration might be overloaded :v

So here are the best characteristics of a good leader that I’m lucky enough to work with (though she keeps denying that she is not a good leader – her reason is that she is not mentally strong – oh, sweet girl!)

1. A good leader is motivational

Damn, she is good at motivating team members (or I can say she is good at almost everything). When I told her about my intention to find a new path for my career, she’s the one who held my hands and said: “Stay!”. More than that, she gave me great motivation in my career that made me want to stay, with my own will.

Working with her, I realized how much I love my current job with a mix of copywriting and marketing. She spent time to share with me her work vision, norms in life and how she perceives them…with a very honest, real-naked attitude which motivates me to work harder.

I’ve never stayed up late to do tasks from my job at home. Rather, I used to hate that. But now I find myself eager to dig deeper in a task, actually think from different angles to find out the better-optimized solution – if I can’t think it out, I’ll do some research.

2. She has a strategic head

This girl is extremely good at critical thinking and wearing a strategic head on top. When I am stuck with something, or when I drop my jaw asking how she can dig into the question to such deep extend, she replies: try think of the problem from different angles, put out different hypothesis – like what this will become if adding or removing this and that. Also, she advises me to “step back to look at the problem as a whole”, or “flip back to the primary problem when you find out the solution to check if it makes sense”.

She does everything with a neat plan just by making questions and finding answers for her questions.

That’s just amazing to know what is running on her mind.

*And because she always digs to the root of everything, she has great persuasion skill. Like, she has a logic shield protecting what she speaks about, it’s both fun and hard as hell debating something with her 😀

And I will note down here the little lessons I learned from working with her later.

3. Yet she’s a creative one too

A girl who knows to enjoy little things in life – like off from work on a beautiful breezy sunny day to sit in her favorite cafe and read a good book. And you’ll surprise with how she can think of many possibilities.

But many times she’s struggling with a new idea too (she’s human after all).

Oh, just like any other creatives, she will also cry doing a report full of unchewable numbers =))

4. And the source of inspiration

So basically she inspires me to do many things (including make me high and can’t concentrate to work properly =) ).

She makes me feel committed to do my best (I even feel guilty if I couldn’t finish the job on time/as she expected) to actively find a solution to things around me, to live with new thoughts I’ve never had before.

I guess you understand why she made me stay here, hehe.

5. She understands members at human aspect

I have a habit of working without noticing too much the people as well as the environment around me. Work is work, after work, I’m like “offline” to my colleagues.

But she’s not like that.

She has a sharp eye to look at people and investigate their personality based on her observation. She understands the characteristics of members in and out of her team. She knows which methods will work with this person and which one will work for others.

And to do that, she knows a lot about psychology (and personally she likes reading about that too). She approaches each member with the learning of the reasons behind everyone’s decision. She never judges people out of nowhere, but with consideration and observation.

So I can say, the girl is my perfect kind of leader.

6. She cares. A lot.

So, from understanding people, she puts her heart in caring for the people around her too. She hangs out with them. She surprises them with a little gift on their birthday. She calls me and our elder sister here to sit with her and tells us about an interesting book she’s just finished. She’s honest and sincere in everything she does. I like that about her.

That’s why she can work more effectively with the team, why she can stick everyone around and create the solidarity within everyone.

If before I can’t answer the question of what to be called as a leader, now I think I have the answer.

*I think from now on I will move all the ranting blog posts somewhere else and will focus on writing constructive things to share here 🙂

A digital marketer, blogger, freelancer, astrology fan, mommy of a lovely elephant and helpless Japan-lover. Or just call me Vivian. Hope you have a good time up above the cloud with me.

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