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“5 Centimeters Per Second” – The Bittersweet Of A Distant Love

5 centimeters per second – Byosoku 5 centimeters by Makoto Shinkai

My first impression for this heat-squeezing story is from the anime version. Before, when looking for some popular Japanese songs to save into my iPhone, I caught a jewel song “Sakura” performed by Ikimono Gakari and learned that the video is from this anime. Then I listened to the song as well as watched for the first time. Sometime after that, I looked for the manga but didn’t finish reading it due to being so absent-minded.

Then finally, this light novel version of the famous “5 centimeters per second” was published in my country and soon became a hit for those who heard about it as well as those who loved Japan. The cover and colored page are scenes taken from the anime (check my featured image and the image above).

As printed on the book, once you pick it up to read, you can’t stop reading. Even I already know what the story is about, the more pages I read, the more I come to understand Toono’s (the main character) feeling. Because he has a bittersweet love just like I used to have. With my eyes on line by line, all the memories from my first love just came alive. And the feeling is so fresh – just like it was yesterday.

Above all is the feeling of being lost, loneliness, yearning for a love you know you never have. It is like all the feels are packed from the past then sent to the me now. No less, no different. It’s something very similar to the cold of autumn – cold breeze running thru the weak yellow sun ray and makes us feel nostalgic. 

Oh did I make it romantically silly here? Don’t mind my own thoughts for it, this is a must-read for ones who love beautiful love story (warning: plus tragedy). I see myself in it and you might do too.

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